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INGA selected as MIT SOLVER – Proposal Presented Summer 2017

Director Mike Hands was honored to present in Cambridge in May at MIT’s Climate CoLab initiative (a community of 50,000 people from around the world who work together through a series of interrelated contests...


INGA is Honored in Energy Globe Award in Earth Category

In October 2016, Inga was selected as one of three finalists for the Energy Globe World Awards in the Earth Category. Energy Globe: Award Link


Mike Hands, Finalist, 2014, The St. Andrews Prize for the Environment from ConocoPhillips

In 2014, Mike Hands was a finalist for The St. Andrews Prize for the Environment from ConocoPhillips. 2014 finalist Mike Hands of the Inga Foundation: Land for life programme provides an insight into his...


PBS: ‘Up in Smoke’ Chronicles Slash and Burn Agriculture in Honduras

Filmmaker Adam Wakeling is a self taught documentarian. He began his career in television working in international distribution. His last role was as Head of International Sales and Co-Production for a leading London-based TV...


PBS Interview: ‘Up in Smoke’ Film Examines Perils of Slash and Burn Agriculture

JEFFREY BROWN: And we turn now to a story about changing age-old farming practices in the tropics. It’s part of The Economist Film Project, a NewsHour collaboration with “The Economist” magazine. Together, we showcase...


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